Merry Christmas and a happy New Year to everyone!

We’d like to thank our partners for being part of Egni’s new rooftop PV project so far. Share Offer to be undertaken 2019.

  • With the help of 25 host organisations we have pre-registered well over 1 Megawatt of solar PV across South Wales!
  • A Megawatt of installed solar will save about 260 tonnes of CO2 every year
  • The host sites will save over £15,000 on their bills every year

We’ll be registering lots more sites in the run up to the end of the FiT in April. If you’d like to be part of the project get in touch.

Best regards,

Rosie, Dan, Kevin and all at Egni





Egni’s Solar Panel Launch

Fwy na 2 MW o Egni

Gellir gweld yr holl ddata o’r paneli ar wefan y gall bob un ohonoch ei chyrchu a mewngofnodi iddi gyda’r manylion isod:


Cyfrinair: egni2013

Gallwch edrych ar y gwahanol adeiladau trwy glicio ar y bar llwyd ar y top ble mae’n dweud ‘Signed in as Egni Coop’. Yna gallwch glicio ar y gwahanol safleoedd.

Rydym yn gobeithio cyfieithu’r wefan i’r Gymraeg gydag amser. Mae ar gael yn Saesneg, Ffrangeg ac Eidaleg ar hyn o bryd.

Egni passes 2 megawatt hours

3 sites at Glynneath Training Centre (21kw), Dove Workshop (14.25kw) and Awel Aman Tawe (4kw) have been installed. All sites are working well and as of now, have generated a total of 2,440kwh. All generation data availalbe on:


Password: egni2013

Various settings to get daily or monthly outputs.

You can look at the different buildings by clicking on the top grey bar where it says ‘Signed in as Egni Coop’.