Why Invest?

Jan and Rhys smiling on the beach with mugs of tea
Jan and Rhys
"By joining Egni, we're part of a vibrant organisation paving a new green path to community development."
Cheers to solar power!
DOVE Workshop
"Solar PV helps us keep our electricity bills as low as possible."
Daniel from Glanaman.
"I like knowing that my money's doing something good for the world"
Jenny looks direct to camera
Egni Director Jenny Carlisle
"Community Renewables are a way of embedding clean energy generation at the heart of communities."

Putting money into community projects means getting involved in positive local schemes – and getting a return on your cash too.

But it’s about more than just income – it’s also a way to help our community tackle global issues.

make money and make a difference

Research shows that 42% of British adults with investments want to “make money and make a difference”, with over one in three wanting at least a quarter of their investments to include green and ethical considerations.

Financial benefits to investing in Egni:

  1. A projected investment return of 4%
  2. A 50% tax rebate on your investment (we have had SEIS pre-approval from HMRC – see SEISletter). This makes the annual rate of return worth 10%.
  3. Egni shares are exempt from Inheritance Tax.
Return on Investment
Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme
Exemption from Inheritance Tax

Community benefits

Locally-owned renewable energy brings many benefits to communities:

  • Local ownership results in more renewables
    In countries with a legal and financial environment that enables local renewable developments, local investment has played a major role. In Denmark, for example, 86% of all wind turbines are owned by local investors.
  • Local ownership creates local dialogue and acceptance
    Through dialogue with different interest groups, energy co-ops generate a widespread understanding for and social acceptance of renewables.
  • Local ownership raises public awareness
    The local development of renewables allows people to engage with the technology. Electricity becomes something that does not simply appear from the socket.
  • Community investment promotes cheaper and better technologies
    Co-ops often pay more attention to detail for projects since, for utilities and big companies, renewables are only a small part of their business.
  • Local renewables are democratic
    With local investment in power production, local people take decisions on planning and implementation of the power supply. This brings more responsibility to the local level.
  • Local production makes sustainable development understandable
    Egni Coop is a local and clear example of how people can contribute to a sustainable development. Our panels illustrate our use of resources and enable us to see the consequences of their use.
  • Local ownership gives people opportunity to act for sustainable development.
    Egni is engaging people in practical and sustainable action.