2015 Sites

Panels on the roof at DOVE
DOVE panels
21kW of solar power.
Ysgol y bedol
Ysgol y Bedol - solar school!
50 kW of solar, powering the next generation.
Glynneath Training Centre
14 kWp installed at this active training centre.
Awel Aman Tawe
4 kW of solar on AAT in Cwmllynfell
Seven Sisters Community Hall
30kW of solar at Seven Sisters
In 2014, Egni launched the first solar PV co-operative in Wales. We raised £171,000 through our Share Offer. In 2015, we installed 119kW of solar PV on 5 community buildings.

The buildings are all in South Wales and are: Dove Workshop (Banwen), Awel Aman Tawe (Cwmllynfell), Ysgol y BedolGlynneath Training Centre and Seven Sisters Community Hall. Through the installation of solar PV, they benefit financially through free electricity. This means more of their funds can go towards creches, education, training, workshops etc.

Watch the electricity being produced!

These schemes are set to save 1,000 tonnes of CO2 over twenty years. Each scheme is linked to a live website where you can see the electricity production and carbon savings. Click the relevant site:

Subscribers are projected to receive a 4% return, as well as a potential tax break on the amount invested. For more on the financial benefits, see here.