Funders & Supporters

We would like to thank the following organisations with their support for Egni:

The Co-operative Membership Community Fund
Financial assistance: £2,000 grant towards development costs.
The Co-operative membership community fund
The Naturesave Trust
Financial assistance: £5,000 towards start-up and marketing costs.
The Naturesave Trust logo
Renew Wales
This is a mentoring programme which is funded by Lottery in Wales. We have had support from Sharenergy on the development and financial modelling of the co-op; Rounded Developments with the EPCs on the community buildings; Transition Town Llandeilo and Cyberium helped on the website; and Menter Môn did all our translation.
RenewWales Logo BIG logo (small)
Wales Co-operative Centre
We had support in developing our website from Communities 2.0.
C2.0 Block Logo
Waterloo Foundation
Donated £10,000 towards start-up costs
Coalfields Regeneration Trust
Donated £10,000 towards start-up costs and marketing.
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Co-operative Enterprise Hub
Paid for advice from Sharenergy

Wales Co-operative Centre logo

Santander Social Enterprise Development Award